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Duluth Minnesota Fishing Leagues - News

August 12, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 757
2.  Swingers: 706
3.  Master Baiters: 597
4.  Walleye Pirates: 554
5.  Minno-Ette: 510
6.  Nuclear Manhattans: 492
7.  Forced Entry: 455
8.  Grumpy Old Men: 448
9.  Nurse Sharks:  298
10.Size Matters: 181



Week #9 - Caribou Lake - 8/12/10

1.  Big Dogs: 118 (N23,21,21, B16.5,1416,13, C9,9,10,9, S8,7,7,7+20MSB)
2.  Swingers: 112 (N22,22,21,22, B13,13,15.5,13, C10,8,10,9, S8,7,7,7+20MSB)
3.  Forced Entry: 84 (N21, B12, C9,8,10,9, S8,8,8,7, P9.5+40MSB)
4.  Walleye Pirates: 71 (N21,22, B15, C8,8,8,8, S7,7,7,7+20MSB)
5.  Nurse Sharks: 58 (N23.5, B14,17.5,14,14, S7,8,7,7)
6.  Minno-Ette: 51 (N20, B14,12,16, S8,8,8,8)
7.  Grumpy Old Men:  48 (B17.75,15,13,13, S7,7,7,8)
8.  Nuclear Manhattans:  46 (B14,15,14,13, C8,9,10, S7,7,8)
9.  Master Baiters:  31 (B16,14, C8,9, S8)
10.Size Matters:  15 (C8, S87,8,8)

Can you believe that we are through Week #9 and heading into our final event? Next week is our last week and remember we will be starting at 5:15 and finishing at 8:30. The year end party will be the next night at Tony's house (same as last year) at 6:00 pm. You will need to bring something to throw on the grill and a side dish or dessert to share plus whatever you want to drink. Tonight was very warm and humid as we just beat the rain! Fishing was fairly good with the typical amounts of bass, pike, crappie, and bluegills caught. Congrats to the Grumpy Old Men who claimed the Big Bass award with a 17 3/4" fish! It seemed like more pike were caught and released in the protected slot than in the past years. See you next week! Sub fees collected=$5.


Ultimate Angler
Both events look to have 20 plus teams, so sign up soon if you want in. 

The Launchs are on the site now.  For Pokegama we will be launching from the Tioga Beach launch.  For the Wabana Lake event we'll be going out of the West ramp off of Cty Rd 335. 

Thanks and see ya there.

Ultimate Angler Challenge Bass staff


Chub Lake - July 29, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 146 (N28,27.5,23,23, B16,16,16,13, C9,9,9,9, S7,7,7,7+20MSB)
2.  Walleye Pirates: 131 (N28,21,21,20, B17,17.5,12, C8,8,8,8, S7,7,8,7+20MSB)
3.  Master Baiters: 131 (N22,24,26,23, B17,17,13,13, C11,9,9,9, S7,7,7,7+20MSB)
4.  Swingers: 120 (N23,20.5,23,21, B12,15.75,12, C8,8,8,8, S7,7,8,7+20MSB)
5.  Minno-Ette: 109 (W24.5, N20, B12,13, C9, S8.75, 7,7,7+40MSB)
6.  Nuclear Manhattens: 105 (N21,22,21,21, B14,13,13, C9,9,9,9, S7,7,7,7+20MSB)
7.  Forced Entry: 103 (N22,20, B17,13,13,13, C11,8,9,10, S8,8,8,8+20MSB)
8.  Grumpy Old Men: 93 (N20,23, B16,12,13, C9,8,8,8, S7,8,8,7+20MSB)
9.  Size Matters: 65 (N21,21,30, B13,17.5, S7)
10.Nurse Sharks: 18 (C8,8, S7,7,7,7)

A very nice night to be on the water with very good fishing! Eight teams had a multi-species bonus and seven teams were over 100 points! Lots of good storylines tonight from Rich and son putting together a nice mess of fish for 2nd place to the Minno-Ette getting a 24.5" walleye to Smiley getting the big fish award with a 30" northern. (Sorry Rich, in all the chaos at the landing, I had a mistake on the Master Baiters score sheet; you tied with them, but should have taken 2nd because of the 28" pike which should be the tie-breaker for the night.) We are off next week and on Caribou Lake August 12th. We are starting at 5:15 and finishing at 8:30. Current big fish of the year candidates are:  1. Walleye - 26", SLR, Big Dogs, 2. Northern - 32.25", Grand, Master Baiters,  3. Bass - 18.75", SLR, Walleye Pirates.  Please let me know if these are not correct. Sub fees=$5.



July 29, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 639
2.  Swingers: 594
3.  Master Baiters: 566
4.  Walleye Pirates: 483
5.  Minno-Ette: 459
6.  Nuclear Manhattens: 446
7.  Grumpy Old Men: 400
8.  Forced Entry: 371
9.  Nurse Sharks: 240
10.Size Matters: 166


Well our first three events are done and everyone qualifying for the 2010 MN Bass Federation TOC is set.  Here they are:

Qualified for the Minnesota State TOC (Tournament of Champions)

1.  Doug Pirila 
2.  Al Ansell
3.  Mike Lebsack 
4.  Rainer Raaska
5.  Matt Amos
6.  Derek Lofald
7.  Johnston Westmoreland
8.  Sharaku Kishida
9.  Jason Wefel
10.  Jeff Wefel
11.  Jim Konzsak

Please let us know if you cannot fish the TOC, so we can let the next member in.

Remember that the Stellar Bassmasters Club in the cities is setup to take us on Lake Minnetonka this coming Saturday, Aug 7th.  Let Doug Pirila know if you are planning to go.

Great fishing, I am sure you'll represent the club well. 
UAC BASS Club (Bassmasters - Minnesota Bass Federation - Bass Fed Nation)

UAC Big Bass Fishing League
The UAC Big Bass Club went to Chub Lake where the biggest bass was caught by Doug Pirila, with Jim Konszak taking second. 

Good job guys.  See ya all next month.

Hey Mr. Olson has updated all the nights and overall standings, so please check them out.  Thanks Rick. 


See ya at Island Lake South tomorrow. 

Monday Night Fishing League staff

Ultimate Angler

Fish Lake was a tough lake, but teams still brought good bags to the Eagles Nest dock for scoring. Great job guys.

1. Matt Amos & Derek Lofald 6 18.00 3.7
2. Bob Hell & Andy Swenson 6 14.25 3.1
3. Doug Pirila & Al Ansell 6 14.00 3.5
4. Dan Peterson & Jamie Johnson 6 13.40 2.4
5. Jim Konzsak & Rocky Davy 4 10.85 5.35 BIG FISH WINNER
6. Roger Olson & Ouitdee Carson 6 10.50
7. Roger Hamrick & Stu Dye 3 6.50 3.25
8. Jason Wefel & Jeff Wefel 4 5.00
9. Johnston Westmoreland 2 2.20
10. Kenny Schofield & Code Slygh 0

See ya at the Pokegama Lake and Lake Wabana events in Aug.

Great fishing, see ya on the water.

Ultimate Angler Challenge staff


Ultimate Angler

Well Island Lake was low and challenging, but guys found the smallmouth bass. Here's the final results for the event.

1. Doug Pirila & Al Ansell 8 20.35 3.4
2. Rick & Reese Jansen 8 14.90 2.45
3. Mike & Jeremiah Lebsack 8 14.00 1.75

4. Jason & Roxie Wefel 8 12.50 2.25
5. Jeff Wefel & Dad 6 11.10 4.0 BIG FISH WINNER
6. Matt Amos & Derek Lofald 7 10.45 2.25
7. Jim Konzsak & Rocky Davy 5 9.60 2.45
8. Pete Nygren & John Back 6 8.75 2.50
9. Chris Kassler & partner 6 8.65 2.30
10. Kenny Schofield & Cody Slygh 5 8.15 2.20
11. Sharaku Kishida & Johnston Westmoreland 5 6.55 1.85
12. Roger Olson & Ouitdee Carson 3 5.60 2.25
13. Kevin Gabrielson 1 1.20 1.20
14. Tyler Kocon & partner 0

Looks like we'll have a couple sponsors for next year. So let's keep fishing and get a few more teams for next year. Remember to check out the members that have qualified for the MN Bass Fed Tournament of Champs this year on Lake Minnetonka. At www.UACBASS.c   

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MMTS an evening on the river - video on YouTube
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Duluth Kayak Fishing Club

Limited Openings 2016

Contact us today to get in on the fun Kayak fishing next year. 


Fishing small lakes with big fish and low boater traffic. 

There are lots of reasons to join our Kayak Fishing Club.  Join for the fun, fishing, prizes, to make new friends, or just a good excuse to get out fishing and kayaking more. 

You are always a WINNER with Duluth Kayak Fishing Club.

Duluth Kayak Fishing Club
Contact:  Doug

Please "LIKE" Duluth Kayak on Facebook Duluth Kayak group on Facebook  

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