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DTs News

7/16/2010 - The date & times for our last night have been changed. Please update... Fish Lake, launch at Hi-Banks, on 8/11/2010 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Our end-of-season party will be at Hi-Banks right after measuring. On 7/28/2010, we'll have a fun night of fishing on Pike Lake from 6pm to 8:30pm. Others (not members of the league) are invited to join.

7/16/2010 - Night 6 on 7/14 was close to getting called off with a chance of thunderstorms, but things cleared up just in time for an evening of fishing on the river. The bite was tough for all teams, with only 15 total fish being measured for the night. Team Old School continued their winning streak with 57 points (3 Walleye and 2 Crappie). Team St Croix caught 3 very nice Walleyes (23", 24", 24.75") to give them second with 45 points. Third place went to Team Barley Afloat with 30 points for 2 more nice Walleyes (22.25", 23.75"). Team St Croix's 24.75" Walleye took home the Big Fish for the night.
Nightly results can be seen in the forums by clicking here.




July 15, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 493
2.  Swingers: 474
3.  Master Baiters: 435
4.  Walleye Pirates: 352
5.  Minno-Ette: 350
6.  Nuclear Manhattans: 341
7.  Grumpy Old Men: 307
8.  Forced Entry: 268
9.  Nurse Sharks: 222
10.Size Matters: 101



Grand Lake - July 15, 2010

1.  Master Baiters: 129 (N22,32 1/4, B17,17,16.5,14, C11,10,10,9, S7,7,7,7,+20MSB)
2.  Swingers: 123 (N20,20,20,2.5, B14,14,17.5,15, C8,8,10,9, S9,8,8,8+20MSB)
3.  Big Dogs: 111 (N23,20, B16,16.5,14,14, C10,9,8,8, S7,8,7,9+20MSB)
4.  Nurse Sharks: 109 (N22,24.5,26,20, B16,14, C11,10,10,10, S8,8,8,8+20MSB)
5.  Walleye Pirates: 105 (N24,23,20, B15,12, C11,11, P8, S7,7+40MSB)
6.  Grumpy Old Men: 90 (N20, B13,14,13,16, C8,9,9,9, S7,7,7,7+20MSB)
7.  Nuclear Manhattans: 58 (N24, B14,16,12,12, S7,7,7,7)
8.  Forced Entry: 38 (B15,13, C8,8,8,8, S8,8,8,8)
9.  Size Matters: 34 (B17,14, S7,7,7,7)
10.Minno-Ette: 24 (C9,8,8,8, S7,7,7,7)

Overall, a good night of fishing for the league. Six teams recorded a multi-species bonus and the scores were very good and close. Nice job to the Master Baiters who came out on top and caught a very nice pike (32 1/4") to anchor their score. (Maybe Mike should go to Canada more often?) Shane and Doug (Swingers) picked up the largest fish award tonight which was a 17 1/2" bass. Next week we are off and the following week (July 29) we are at Chub Lake. See you then. Sub fees=0



Fish Lake - July 8, 2010

1.  Swingers: 94 (W14 1/2, N22,21,21,21, C10,9,11,10, S7,7,8,7+20MSB)
2.  Master Baiters: 49 (N21, B15 1/2, C10, S7,7,7+20MSB)
3.  Big Dogs: 45 (C11 1/2, 11,11 1/2, 10, P8,10,8,9, S8,8,8,8)
4.  Minno-Ette: 43 (W18,14, C8,11, S7,7,7,7)
5.  Grumpy Old Men: 39 (B16,17 1/4, S7,7,7)
5.  Nuclear Manhattens: 39 (B14,13,14, C10,9, S8,8,7,7)
7.  Walleye Pirates: 12 (S7,7,7,7)
7.  Forced Entry: 12 (S7,7,7,7)
9.  Nurse Sharks: 6 (S7,7)

Congrats to the Swingers! They managed to figure out Fish Lake and get a nice variety of fish while the rest of us had a tough time finding enough fish to score a MSB. Tonight we had a fair amount of panfish, but the pike and walleye were tough to come by. The Grumpy Old Men picked up their third big fish award of the year with a 17 1/4" bass. No off week this week as we are on Grand Lake July 15th. See you then! Sub fees collected=$20



July 8, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 382
2.  Swingers: 351
3.  Minno-Ette: 326
4.  Master Baiters: 306
5.  Nuclear Manhattens: 283
6.  Walleye Pirates: 247
7.  Forced Entry: 230
8.  Grumpy Old Men: 217
9.  Nurse Sharks: 113
10.Size Matters: 67



Big Lake - June 24, 2010

1.  Big Dogs: 103 (N27,21,23,23, B12,13,13,14, S8,7,7,8, P8+20MSB)
2.  Swingers: 88 (N21,22,21,21, B16,14,14,13, S7,7,8,8)
3.  Master Baiters: 86 (N23,20, B17,12, C11,8,8, S8,8,7,7+20MSB)
4.  Forced Entry: 49 (B14,14,15,14, P8,8,8 S8,8,7,7)
5.  Minno-Ettte: 48 (B14,14,14,16, S7,7,7,7)
6.  Grumpy Old Men: 37 (B17 1/2,12, P8, S8,8,8,8)
7.  Nuclear Manhattans: 36 (N22, B15 1/2,14 1/2, C12,11 1/2)
8.  Walleye Pirates: 30 (N21, B14,14 S8,8)
9.  Nurse Sharks: 7 (B13)
10.Size Matters: Not present

A crazy night of fishing to say the least. The night started out very warm and humid as the first storm missed us. At 7:30, our streak of good weather came to an end as we finished the night in strong winds and heavy rain. We were able to get the entire event in and the scores were very good considering all the weather changes. Please check your scores to be sure they are correct. (The sheets were all filled out on the shore due to the downpour.) Congrats to the Grumpy Old Men who picked up their 2nd big fish award this year! Next week we are off. Our next event will be at Fish Lake (launch at High Banks.) Happy July 4th! If you get out fishing this week off, be sure to get your bait and supplies from our sponsors! Sub fees collected=$10.



1.  Big Dogs: 337 points
2.  Minno-Ette: 283 points
3.  Master Baiters: 257 points
3.  Swingers: 257 points
5.  Walleye Pirates: 235 points
6.  Nuclear Manhattens: 244 points
7.  Forced Etry: 218 points
8.  Grumpy Old Men: 178 points
9.  Nurse Sharks: 107 points
10.Size Matters: 67 points



 Due to Island Lake North being low the competition committee has changed our location to Island Lake South, near Moose Lake.  So please pass the word along to everyone. 



St. Louis River - June 17, 2010

1. Big Dogs: 37 (W26, B15)
2. Walleye Pirates: 15 (B 18 3/4)
3. Swingers: 10 (N22)
3. Minno-Ette: 10 (N25)
3. Forced Entry: 10 (N23)
3. Master Baiters: 10 (N) (Length not noted)
The rest of the teams scored zero.

A tough night of fishing to say the least. Muddy water, a major storm front, and a Mayfly hatch do not add up to good fishing conditions. Only one boat registered more than one fish and four teams did not register any points. Only one Walleye was registered. It was caught by Brad Schramm of the Big Dogs and measured 26". This took the biggest fish award for the night. It was caught up river, so I guess there are a few nice fish still holding up river! (Maybe liking the cleaner water?) No off week next week as we will be on Big Lake on the 24th. See you then. Sub fees collected: $5.



1.  Big Dogs: 274

2.  Minno-Ette: 235

3.  Walley Pirates: 205

4.  Nuclear Manhattens: 188

5.  Master Baiters: 171

6.  Swingers: 169

6.  Forced Entry: 169

8.  Grumpy Old Men: 141

9.  Nurse Sharks: 100

10. Size Matters: 67


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MMTS an evening on the river - video on YouTube
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Duluth Kayak Fishing Club

Limited Openings 2016

Contact us today to get in on the fun Kayak fishing next year. 


Fishing small lakes with big fish and low boater traffic. 

There are lots of reasons to join our Kayak Fishing Club.  Join for the fun, fishing, prizes, to make new friends, or just a good excuse to get out fishing and kayaking more. 

You are always a WINNER with Duluth Kayak Fishing Club.

Duluth Kayak Fishing Club
Contact:  Doug

Please "LIKE" Duluth Kayak on Facebook Duluth Kayak group on Facebook  

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