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Duluth Minnesota Fishing Leagues - News

 Fish Lake, June 3, 2010

1. Minno-Ette: 81 (W20,14, C10, P10,9,8, S8,7,7,7, MSB20)

2. Walleye Pirates: 74 (W24 1/2, C9,8, P8,8, S7,8,7,7, MSB20)

3. Big Dogs: 64 (N21,20 C11, P9,8,9 S 8,8,7, MSB20)

4. Nuclear Manhattans: 44 (N21, C9,10, P8,9, S7,7,7,7, MSB20)

4. Grumpy Old Men: 44 (N20, 24 1/2, P8,10,9,10, S8,8,8,8)

6. Nurse Sharks: 37 (W16, N22 1/2, S8,8,8,8)

7. Swingers: 25 (B12, C9,10,9, S8,7,7)

8. Forced Entry: 22 (N20, S7777)

9. Master Baiters: 18 (C10, P8, S8,7,7,7)

10. Size Matters: Not present

For the third week in a row, we had great weather for fishing. While the weather was good, the fishing was slow for Fish Lake standards. The overall scores were about half of last year's scores. The fish seem to be scattered rather than concentrated in small areas (with the exception of the sunnies.) Overall, the group caught 4 walleye, 11 crappie, 15 perch, 34 sunnies, 7 pike, and 1 bass. Two of the walleye caught were over 20 inches (20.5" & 24.5"). The largest fish award for the event was for pike and was won by Boyd Hanson of Grumpy Old Men. The pike was 24.5" long. Next week we are off, and on June 17th, we will be on the river at the Clyde Avenue launch. See you then! Sub fees collected = $5.



1. Big Dogs: 237

2. Minno-Ette: 225

3. Walleye Pirates: 190

4. Nuclear Manhattans: 188

5. Master Baiters: 161

6. Swingers: 159

6. Forced Entry: 159

8. Grumpy Old Men: 141

9. Nurse Sharks: 100

10. Size Matters: 67



Standings as of May 27, 2010

1. Big Dogs 173

2. Minno-Ette 144 and Nuclear Manhattens 144

4. Master Baiters 143

5. Forced Entry 137

6. Swingers 134

7. Walleye Pirates 116

8. Grumpy Old Men 97

9. Size Matters 67

10. Nurse Sharks 63



 Island Lake May 27, 2010

1. Master Baiters: 111 (N21 B15 3/4,17 C10, 11, 13 1 /2 P11, S9,8,8,9 MSB40)

2. Nuclear Manhattens: 99 (B17 1/2,16,15 1/2 C11,12,12,11 P9,10,8,8 S8,8 MSB20)

3. Big Dogs: 83 (W19,14 N21,20 P10 1/2, 11 1/2, 9 1/2, 9 S8,8 MSB20)

4. Forced Entry: 77 (W 20 1/2, 15,14,14, B18 P10)

5. Swingers: 72 (N24,22,23,22 B18,13,14 S8)

6. Grumpy Old Men: 57 (N21 B18 C10,10,9 P10 MSB 20)

7. Walleye Pirates: 51 (W19 B15 3/4, 16 1/2, 14, 15)

8. Size Matters: 42 (B15,16,14,15 P10 1/2, 10 3/4)

9. Minno-Ette: 25 (W14,18 P8)

10. Nurse Sharks: 18 (W16, P10)

Congratulations to Mike and Bob (The Master Baiters) for getting a nice mess of fish.  The rumor in the parking lot is that Bob carried the team and even managed to not fall out of the boat tonight.  The largest fish award went to Forced Entry with a 20” walleye.  Overall, the league recorded 10 walleyes, 8 northerns, 18 bass, 10 crappies, 15 perch, and 5 sunfish.  There were four multi-species bonuses which is very unusual for Island Lake.  Many of the fish that were measured were bonus size. Numerous fish were caught in about  three to four feet of water. Our group seriously considered cutting the Island Lake event due to the low water conditions, but it turned out to be a very nice night of fishing.  To the best of my knowledge, only four boats dinged their props and nobody lost their lower unit!  Next event is June 3rd at High Banks Resort on Fish Lake.  Please stop in for food and drinks and say hi.



 Time Change for Night 2

The Competition Committee changed the start time from 5:00 to 5:30, and we end at 9:00pm.  This was discussed at the landing on Monday, but if teams left early, they may not have gotten the word.  Please let others know that may have left early.  See you on Fish!



With the low water levels on Island Lake North, we will be avoiding it for a while.  The schedule changes are:

Night 1 - no change, still the St Louis River - Boy Scout
Night 2 - Island Lake replaced with Fish Lake.
Night 3 - Fish Lake switched back to the St. Louis River, Garfield.
Night 4 - resume posted schedule at Sturgeon Lake.

Remember to pass this along to everyone.  Thanks

Monday Night Fishing



Rice Lake - May 18, 2010

1.  Minno-Ette: 119 (W15,16,15,16, N22,21,20 C11, S8 MSB20)

2.  Big Dogs: 90 (W19, N22,21,21,22, C10,11 S9.5, MSB20)

3.  Walleye Pirates: 65 (W14,15, N23,22,21,21 P10)

4.  Swingers: 62 (W14,16 N21,22,23,21)

5.  Forced Entry:  60 (W14,14, N21,22,21,20 C13)

6.  Nuclear Manhattans:  45 (W16, N20,22,22)

7.  Nurse Sharks:  45 (W17, N25.5,20,24)

8.  Grumpy Old Men: 40 (N25,22,24,22)

9.  Master Baiters:  32 (N23,25, S8,8,8,8)

10. Size Matters:  25 (W17, N24)

Welcome back everyone to our 12th year!  Tonight was on of the nicest evenings I can ever remember for Rice Lake.  Winds were light from the SE and water temps were in the mid-60’s depending on where you were at on the lake.  Air temps were in the low 70’s.  Congratulations to the Minno-Ette for getting of to a nice start.  It was good to see Mr. Windus back in league action!  Overall, we measured 32 Pike, 14 walleye, 4 Crappie, 6 Sunnies and 1 Perch.  Cory and Rodger (Nurse Sharks) took home the prize for the largest Pike tonight (25.5”).  This is about the same as last year as the fishing on Rice Lake continues to improve.  On May 27th, we will be at Island Lake.  Six teams were for, two were against and two did not really care just as long as we were fishing.  We will launch at the Dam and be sure to park in the lot (the beach is off limits).  If you have a larger boat, I would launch on the south side of the dock.  See you on the 27th! Sub Fees: $10.&l   

UAC BASS Club, Ultimate Angler
Please let everyone know we will be fishing out of the Frazer Bay ramp when we get to Lake Vermilion.  It has the best parking and is in the middle of the lake.  Lots of the guys have asked about it.   

1. Our schedule will stick to 3 Island Lake North, 3 Fish Lake, 4 River, Whiteface, Sturgeon and Island South.  Schedule is UPDATED NOW.
2. Aaron Hanson will be handling the nightly $10 per team.
3. Doug Pirila will be handling the $60/team entries and work with Sponsor's too.
4. The new Competition Committee is Don "Scooter", Lee Carson and John Kytola.
5. There will be an optional contest on Saturday, Aug 28th before our End Of Year Party on Island Lake with prizes to the biggest fish in each species. $20/team to fish it. Then our party at the Eagles Nest or Blue Max following the contest.
6. We already have eight teams (1 new) paid in.

Thanks... What a great start.

Monday Night Fishing League Staff

Remember that we meet at 7:00pm, it's your last shot to join in time to be eligible to compete for a shot at the MN Bass Fed TOC. This is also the cut off for club jerseys. AND a representative from Outkast Tackle is going to be there to meet us and they are giving us a 20-25% off deal. So whether your in the BASS Club or just want this deal, be at this meeting. After that only the BASS Club members that are paid in, will get this discount.

See ya at the Powerhouse Bar, Proctor. We'll be in the back room.

UAC BASS Club Staff

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MMTS an evening on the river - video on YouTube
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Duluth Kayak Fishing Club

Limited Openings 2016

Contact us today to get in on the fun Kayak fishing next year. 


Fishing small lakes with big fish and low boater traffic. 

There are lots of reasons to join our Kayak Fishing Club.  Join for the fun, fishing, prizes, to make new friends, or just a good excuse to get out fishing and kayaking more. 

You are always a WINNER with Duluth Kayak Fishing Club.

Duluth Kayak Fishing Club
Contact:  Doug

Please "LIKE" Duluth Kayak on Facebook Duluth Kayak group on Facebook  

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